Top 7 Most Haunted Places in India

Pacing footsteps on the turfs of a haunted place unraveling the mysterious around the place, is that what your heart silently pries on? Well, guess what, we’ve got the right piece for you in form of ‘Top 7 Most Haunted Places in India’.

Can’t wait to read along, can you? Off we go, then.

7) Agrasen Ki Baoli – Delhi

Agrasen Ki BaoliFor the naysayers, the myth around Agrasen Ki Baoli goes that people were thrown around in the black water filled well and left to drown. The incident has sparked presence of evil and supernatural activities in and around the place.

The visitors are advised top step foot only during the daylights. The place is protected by ASI adhering to its historical specimen.

6) South Park Cemetery – Kolkata

South Park Street Cemetery, KolkataKolkata has one of its own spooky places that haunted upon. The cemetery is one of the oldest in the nation having been around since 1767. The news around the place is that shadows wearing awhite dress in seen around quite often.

5) Sanjay Van – Delhi

Sanjay VanThe place has been anhomage to a lady draped in white sarees causing sight of distress. People have reported asighting of a woman who stumbles upon vehicles and runs at breathtaking speed along with the vehicle.

It is often said that she disappears towards the cremation ground near the area after running fast paced.

4) Shaniwarwada Fort -Pune

Shaniwarwada Fort, PuneThe story for the place is based around the prince who was brutally murdered. It recorded that when the prince came to power at the age of sixteen, his uncle ruled on his behalf. Not happy with the ruling power, the wife planned to kill the prince.

It is reported that every full moon night reckons the echoing of young boy’s scream, ‘Kaka Mala Vachva’ which literally translates into ‘Save Me Uncle’.

3) Dumas Beach, Surat – Gujarat

Dumas Beach, Surat, GujaratNext up is the mystic beach along the coast of Gujarat, Dumas Beach. The place has been long used for cremation and thus been an active place for mystical activities.

It is reported that many unexplainable and mind-boggling incidents have occurred at the place and many defy going to the place.

2) Grand Paradi Towers – Mumbai

Grand Paradi TowersThis place has a history of being patronage for suicides. Recently upon, this place sighted the suicide of a couple named Vasudeo Dalal and Tara Dalal who even had left a suicide note blaming the suicide on their son and daughter in law.

The place has seen more than 20 accidents and suicides since its construction.

1) Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort, RajasthanThe most haunted place in India, Bhangarh Fort is part of the ghostly town of Bhangarh and remains a mysterious arena till date. It is said that a magician who fell in love with the local princesscast a dark spell upon the time when he was killed for his acts.

The place runs a notice prohibiting the visitors from staying at the premises after sunset.

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