Top 7 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai

Want to hear some spooky tales? Gear up as we present another entrant into our series of haunted places in India. We’ve lined up some mystery-clad haunting places from Mumbai for our blog today.

Well, time to unveil the list of ‘Top 7 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai’. Let’s start off, then!

7) Ram Sakit Building, Behind Paradise Cinema, Mahim

Ram Sakit BuildingMahim has been a vindicated ground for much mysterious and haunted presence. The Ram Sakit Building has a unique tale dating back 20 years.

The place had seen a Maharashtrian lady who fell in a well and died there. The soul of the lady has been seen appearing during the Amavasya time.

6) Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The park has seen numerous sightings of a lady draped in white sarees asking for lifts from the passerby. The lady has been sighted as running at the speed of the car with mysterious laughs around.

5) Nasserwanj Wadi, Mahim

Nasserwanj Wadi, MahimAnother creepy place in Mahim, this one is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Parsi Man named Nasser who was brutally burnt by the killer. Nasser had lived in the cabin close to the compound in Nasserwanj Wadi before his murder.

Many reports of the ghost of Nasser attending the place at night has been made till date.

4) The D’Souza Chawl, Mahim

The D’Souza Chawl, MahimOften been famed as the place for ‘The Lady of Well’, this one is another of haunted place in Mahim. The place is said to be haunted by the ghost of the lady who died when getting the water from the well.

There have been multiple sightings of her by the people residing in the Chawl.

3) Building in Santa Cruz West

Building in Santa Cruz WestThe place is a petrified home of a lady who walks in every night in her spirit realms. The building inhabitants have reported multiple sightings of the veiled lady.

The story goes by that a lady committed suicide after a tussle with her hubby. She is referred as ‘Second Floor Ki Bhabhi’ by the outsiders as the residents deflect taking her name.

2) Pawan Hans Quarters, Juhu

Pawan Hans Quarters, JuhuOne of the most mysterious place in Mumbai, let alone Juhu, this one is home to a century-old peepal tree with a spooky story behind it.

It is said that a 20-year-old girl poured Kerosene over herself and set aflame to her body. Her haunted spirit is said to appear with burning clothed on and running at a fast pace before disappearing in the olds peepal tree.

A story runs around as a man named Anthony D’Souza who was a devoted Catholic, constructed a temple of Lord Hanuman to save the society in the aftermath.

1) Vrindavan Society

Vrindavan SocietyThe society has seen a mysterious ghostly appearance over the years. It is said that a crazy slapping ghost resides at the place and haunts anyone seeking the area.

In particular, the building no. 66 B which lies on the north side has been the breeding ground for the ghost. As for the legends, an aged old man jumped from the terrace and committed suicide. It’s his ghost that haunts people.

Ever experienced any such qualms on these places? Share with us down below in the comment box and let us know about it.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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