Top 7 Intelligent Ways to Burn Calories Quickly

Burning calories take more than just a few hours of hardcore exercise or cardio. Often you would not even have the time to exercise much. Therefore, you need to be a bit intelligent and incorporate intelligent ways to burn your calories. Let us show you some most intelligent ways in which you can burn your calories faster and more effectively.


1. Take in fluids

Drinking enough fluids is the best way in which you can lose those extra inches and boost up your calorie burning game. Water is the best fluid that you can give your body. 2 liters of water a day has the ability to burn almost 100 calories in a day. Even if you are taking juices in as fluids, make sure that they are sugar-free as sugar adds to the calorie count and therefore will be of no use.

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2. Take a walk whenever possible

Whenever possible try to walk. Even if you travel by car to work, try getting down from the car a few miles away from your workplace and walk the length. Walking burns a lot of calories as it is the only exercise which involves all your body parts. It is also very good at flushing out toxins from your body. Just make sure to walk and take less transport whenever possible.

3. Green tea to the rescue

Green tea has natural antioxidants which not only remove the toxins from your body but also burns calories as it provides more energy to the body and increases the metabolic rate of the body. Therefore, with all that increased energy your body is sure to burn more calories faster.

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4. Have dairy which has low fat content

Dairy products have no work in making you lose calories but having a low-fat dairy makes sure that you are not gaining more calories therefore if you stop gaining calories, you will surely lose the fat faster. It is most advisable to take in fat-free dairy products if you are trying to lose belly fat.

5. Play with balls

Any game such as basketball throws ball or volleyball is very good at burning a ton of calorie instantly. These are all games that require rigorous effort and energy. When you are chilling with your friends or family or in the weekend, try playing such games to both relax and burn calories.

6. Swim your way to glory

Swimming is both a very relaxing exercise which h will instantly calm and soothe you, and it is also a very good option when you are trying to burn a lot of calories. Half an hour of swimming can greatly reduce your calorie count. Swimming in the early mornings or late at nights is ideal.

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7. Take in protein

Consume protein in large quantities regularly to burn away calories faster. This has two reasons. Protein needs to be broken up by the body, therefore, resulting in the burning of calories every time the protein is broken, secondly, taking in protein curbs the need to consume sugar and fat as you are already full.

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