Top 8 Best Brand Deodorants for Men in India 2016

Deodorants are useful as they help you make your personal stench vanish – this is accomplished by the neutralization of microbes present in your body particularly under the armpits.

Why Deodorants?

The use of deodorants in our daily life is most important, because it’s one of the best and effective ways to control our body odor. Nowadays, you can find lots of deodorants in market. Because of this, it may be difficult for you to select best one. Here, we discuss about some best deo brands. I hope it’ll help you choose best brand that can help you to stay fresh, healthy and sexy. Let’s checkout the Top 8 Best Brand Deodorants for Men in India 2016.

Brand and Classy Deodorants – Eliminate Body Odor Effectively

8. Wild Stone – Softer and crisp fragrance

Wild StoneAre you searching for deodorants that can help you feel fresh and healthy? If that is so, then the Wild Stone is for you. It is one of the best selling deodorants in India. It is a deodorant that has an amazingly new scent with a touch of masculinity. It is enhanced with lavender, rosemary and musk, causing it to give a fiery and crisp aroma.

7. Nivea – Long lasting deodorant

NiveaNIVEA is one of the most recognized and trusted skin and beauty care brands. Men can be able to reduce underarm sweat and body stench with Nivea deodorants. The deodorant is truly unique and unlike any other deodorants, Nivea Deodorant Energy Fresh offers energetic freshness that powers your day. It can even offer the true confidence of effective 48h regulation of perspiration.

6. Garnier – Skin care deodorant

GarnierGarnier men’s deodorant is enriched with powerful perlite, which is an ultra-absorbent mineral that naturally and continuously absorbs perspiration for 48 hours. In other words, it can offer non-stop protection to keep you fresh and dry continuously for up to 48 hours.

5. Adidas – Attractive and no side effect

AdidasAdidas brand is great and one of the best brands in the world. The products under this brand are known to be outstanding. Adidas deodorant provides long hours of freshness and protection against body odor. It is considered to be one of the best deodorants for men not only in India, but also in some other parts of the world.

4. Nike – Nice and strong fragrance

NikeNike is a well known American multinational corporation that produces and offers products throughout the world. One of the famous and best seller products of this world-renowned compant is deodorant for men. Nike Deodorant is good because it protects your cloth and skin from having any kind of stain.

3. Play boy Fragrances – Stay cool and sexy

Play boy FragrancesPlayboy is a new fragrance brand that entertains the younger generation with sexy fragrance. There are three variations of brand that is accessible in India. The brand particular brand has been broadly advertised in different nations. This answers the question why it is such a very popular brand not only for deodorants, but also for some other products.

2. Park Avenue – Engaged fragrance

Park AvenuePark Avenue is a standout amongst the most popular deodorants lines in India. It is offering an extensive variety flavors. Some great examples are the Good Morning, Alive, IQ Open your brain, Beyond the Horizon, Cool Blue, Tranquil Freshness, Alpha, Storm, and the Combo of the Three Men. This deodorant is perfect to be used in the hot weather condition in India.

1. AXE – Luxury and leading deodorant

AXEThis particular deodorant has enchanting, long lasting scent and made with a refreshing beat. It has the unique fragrance that is simply irresistible and leans toward seductive bliss. It has been designed for the metrosexual men to kick start their day in style and fragrance.

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