Top 8 Best UPS Brands available in India

The rapid growth in technologies and as more and more appliances hits the market to label your daily life easier, the demand for electricity rises simultaneously. Imagine a day you are working on something important and electricity just went off the progress and efforts go in vain. To avoid such circumstances you need to buy a UPS Inverter, the list of top UPS Brands available in India will surely help you to buy the best available option with minimum price and durability.

8. Uniline Energy Inverter

Uniline Energy InverterThe Inverter Production Company with its base lies in India itself ensures a durable product with the quality of Indianness. The company boasts to manufacture all Inverter parts in India and also represent itself as the leading manufacturer of other electrical based appliances. The products of Uniline are highly reliable with modern features included.

7. Su-Kam Inverter

Su-Kam InverterOne of the well-known name in the Inverter series, Su-Kam offers series of Inverter options available best for household and commercial usage. The rated best products in the range of Inverter offering electricity efficient inverter options include famous models Torque, Falcon, Blaze, and Cosmic. Su-Kam has installed more than 50 service centers in India for a better service.

6. Swelect Energy Inverter

Swelect Energy InverterThe company offering services since 1994, Swelect company manufactures inverters, UPS, solar inverter and solar charge controller mainly. The best quality of inverters includes high-efficiency DC to AC conversion. Swelect also manufactures solar inverters that convert solar energy to household usable power options.

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5. Genus Inverter

Genus InverterThe company has a leading name in the power backup manufacturer options with its root across India and some of the well-known parts of the world. Genus is known well for offering high-quality inverters with efficient rates that are affordable to the major portion of the population. The series of option available offers both single and three phase inverter options.

4. Delta Inverter

Delta InverterThe wide range of inverter manufactured by Delta Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Providing a series of choices available to choose, the most highlighted quality of these inverters is a long duration of power backup. Delta Inverter is gradually spreading its wings across India.

3. Arise Inverter

Arise InverterOne of the most famous inverter series available in India, Arise inverters is the oldest and most trustable name in the series of inverters. Different sets of options available as Arise inverters offers high stability, consistent and most efficient set of inverters. Some of the most famous models of Arise inverters are Wonder, Golden, Shinestar, and Super.

2. Microtek Inverter

Microtek InverterThis inverter brand is endorsed by leading celebrities of India and the fame offered has listed it at the second spot in the list of most popular inverters brand in India. The high-quality products available as buying options have won many awards in the series of performances.

1. Luminous Inverter

Luminous InverterThe number 1 spot gainer in the list, Luminous Inverter is the most famous and trustable UPS Inverter brand in India. The series of model available for use offers the best usage in household and official. Some of the famous models of Luminous are Ion, Zeilo, Eco, and Supreme

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