Top 8 Drunkest Countries in the World

Alcoholic beverages are widely popular all over the world, no matter what amount – there are a good percentage of people in every country who have formed the habit of drinking like a ritual. And there’s this list of top 8 drunkest countries in the world!

While preparing this article, different habits of ‘drunken country people’ had been taken into consideration as well as their preferred drink.

World’s Top 8 Drunken Countries

The top 8 country where the residents drink the most are as follows:

8. France

FranceWhat’s surprising is, France being the 8th because a lot of the readers may have expected France to remain in the top 5. However, 11.7 liters is the average alcoholic consumption amount in France where the national drink is Wine and Brandies together! Preference order is 23% spirits, 23% wine and 2% others. 17.8 liters vs. 7.1 liters is the male to female ratio of alcohol consumption in France.

7. Ireland

IrelandIreland secures the 7th position. People in Ireland consume 11.92 liters of alcohol on average. The preference order is 48% beer, 26% wine, 18% spirits and 8% others. 16.8 liters vs. 7.1 liters is the male to female ratio.

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6. Austria

AustriaAgain, not much of a difference with the previous listing. Austrian people consume 12.1 liters on average per person. Schnapps is the national drink of Austria. 50% of the population consume beer, rest are 14% spirits and 36% wine. The ratio is 15.4 liters vs. 6.3 liters male to female.

5. Grenada

GrenadaDifference between Grenada and Czech Republic isn’t really much, Grenada’s average alcoholic consumption is 12.4 liters per head, per year. Rum is the national favorite. Other drinks in utmost preference are – 30% beer, 66% spirits and 4% wine. Male to female ratio is 17.9 liters vs 7.3 liters.

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4. Czech Republic

Czech Republic12.69 liters is the average amount a person in Czech Republic will consume alcohol, the national alcoholic drink of the nation is Becherovka. Unlike many other countries in this list, a lot of people in Czech Republic prefers beer, 54%! The other drinks in preference are 26% spirits and 20% wine. Male to female ratio is 18.6 liters against 7.8 liters.

3. Lithuania

LithuaniaThe average alcohol consumption for each person in Lithuania is 12.9 liters and the national drink is Midus Mead. The other preferences for alcoholic beverages are – 46% beer, 34% spirits, 8% wine and 12% others. Male to female ratio for alcohol consumption is 24.4 liters and 7.9 liters.

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2. Andorra

 AndorraAlthough the country’s name isn’t very common, but they secured the #2 position in the top 8 alcoholic beverage consumption list where the amount is 13.31 liters for each. 45% of the total population likes Wine, the national drink. 35% people prefer beer and 20% would settle for spirits. Male to female ration is 19.5 liters against 8.2 liters.

1. Belarus

BelarusOn this seemingly funny yet worth-knowing list, Belarus has topped to the #1 position. The yearly alcohol consumption of each person averages to 14.37 liters and the favorite national drink of Belarus is Krambambula. Other alcoholic beverages are similarly popular – 47% spirit, 31% others, 17% beer, 5% wine and a whopping 31% other drinks. The male and female ratio of alcohol consumption is split into 27.5:9.1 liters.


Are you planning to travel any of these countries in the near future? The alcoholic consumption habit might help you pick a great drink, for the sake of taking diversity’s flavor!

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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