Top Five Inverters Brands in Indian Under 10000

Inverter in Indian market is no longer a luxury but turning out to be a necessity. If you agree but not sure from where you begin, we will bring you the budget of 5000 and 10000 which is quite workable for you. We are listing you Best inverter under 10000.

Each of these is evaluated on­­-

  1. Capacity to support load and low electricity for battery recharge is that’s what brings a huge advantage for inverter.
  2. Battery size and their support bring a favor in determining the capacity of the inverter.
  3. Warranty periods play a vital role in determining the durability of the product.

1. Luminous 1500 VA Sine Wave Inverter

Luminous 1500 VA Sine Wave InverterLuminous has a micro control based intelligent control design, making it more powerful compare to the other inverters.

Battery and VA Rating

We can accept to take battery 12 hours to fully charge. Battery and VA rating thus determines how long inverter can perform, and its capacity to draw minimum electricity for maximum benefit.

Warranty and Other Features

Here we have a warranty period of 12 months device by Luminous the most trusted brand of inverters. Here they provide the led space which insures that the device is easy to use. Auto reset features and overload protection that add to the tally of the devise is most suitable brand and its attractiveness.

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There is only one possible downstream to this star performer is its warrant period of only 12 month. It is a device by luminous which is considered to be the most trusted brand in inverter. Its LED display ensures that the device is very easy to use. Luminous has a intelligent thermal management which makes it quite easy and safe device to use. It has an audio alarm and ultra fast short circuit protection and auto reset features which add to the tally of this inverter attractiveness.

2. Luminous Eco Watt 1050VA Inverter

Luminous Eco Watt 1050VA InverterLuminous is by far the best inverter and it is rank number one in the top five list of inverters in India. Its weight is only 9 KGS, so portable to use.

Battery and VA Rating  

Luminous has a VA rating of 1050.The device has a battery deep discharge protection so that it facilitates electricity, it always consuming low energy, thus it is considered to be best for the house hold purpose.

Warranty and Other Features

Here there is a 24 month warranty is available. Warranty period always determines the quality of the brand, how beneficial it turns out to be for the regions, where there is a continuous problem for electricity.

3. Exide Solar 850 VA Inverter 12V 40AMps Inverter

Exide Solar 850 VA Inverter 12V 40AMps InverterExide inverter is 40amps solar charge controller with LCD. SOLAR Energy Efficiency IS Greater Than 95%.

Battery and VA Rating

This inverter is capable to support 850VA or about 650 load capacity. This device is automatically runs on solar during day time. Make sure your electricity bills not automatically inflated.

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Warranty and Other Features

A two year warranty of this inverter is available. It has a LCD display makes it easy to use for monitoring any alerts. Is range is 5000 plus.

4. Microtek Hybrid Solar UPS/Inverter 1660VA-24VA

Microtek Hybrid Solar UPS/Inverter 1660VA-24VAIt is a hybrid device which operates on a digital signal control technology. Weighing 19 KGS it is rather heavy design compare to the others. It is basically design for backup of computers.

Battery and VA Rating

The inverter has a capacity of 1660 VA  it means that it  can support more than 1000 watts of loads can be used with 1-2 batteries and it is supposed that it can take 11 hours of complete recharge.

Warranty and the Features

Warranty period for this product is 2 years. It offers safety via load protection auto reset features. Since the battery of the inverter is charged by solar energy electricity bill will be saved.

5. Luminous 875VA Sine Wave Inverter

Luminous 875VA Sine Wave InverterLuminous is built on a microcontroller based intelligent control device .equipped with battery management software .weighing 10 KGS potable for TVS and audio.

Battery and VA Rating

This inverter can support 875 ampere of load power factor will be 0.7. It takes about 12 hours to recharge.

Warranty and Other Features

The warranty of this device is 24 months. It has over volt protection auto reset features and audio alarm.                

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