Top Ten Best Fan Brands Available In India

Ceiling fans are considered to be one of the most important electrical appliances in any household. It is not possible for every person to afford air condition or an air cooler, even if they can; it is not feasible to keep it running the entire day as the electricity bill will create a huge hole in your wallet. Ceiling fans play a vital role especially during summer season. Most of the manufacturers deliver Best Fan which consumes low electricity, so this provides one of the great options to running fan all day long. Most of the offices opted for a ceiling fan rather than air conditioner. The top ten fan brands in India.

1. Crompton greaves

Crompton greavesThis brand of fan is considered to be a top selling brand in India for a long time and it is well known for its design and style. This brand is known for last long and consumes very little energy and it is also considered to be one the most stylish fans in Indian market.

2. Usha

UshaUsha is one of the most famous and popular brands here in India. Usha Company is more focuses on design and thus it ensures, that the fan will bring maximum breeze while consuming the least amount of energy. It has various design and color which surely goona suite your family.

3. Orient

OrientOrient is producing one of the most popular fan brands in India. They are known to manufacture different but stylish fans that really last long. They are very durable and delivering some amazing speed. Orient PSPO is a very famous brand

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4. Superfan

SuperfanWell this fan has established quite a name for itself. They most probably focus on designing and manufacturing eco friendly fans that always come with the latest technology. They are always very affordable.

5. Orbit

OrbitOrbit is considered to be the most leading manufacturers in India. They are best known to design and maintain energy efficient fans that help to save the all important electricity. Orbit has provide so many options from where you can choose the best one.

6. Khaitan

Khaitankhaitan is the most popular and the oldest brand in India. The greatest advantage of this fan is that it will provide best breeze even at a very low speed, it is energy efficient brand and highly affordable.

7. Havells

HavellsThis is supposed to be the king in the market in terms of electrical appliances. Established in the year 2003, a Havells fan has made a huge mark in India and they offer one of the best and the most innovative design. It is a IsI certified brand range of fans includes premium and stylish fans.

8. Bajaj

BajajBajaj is not only popular but also a very oldest product in the Indian market. When people go for long lasting fans that will deliver good breeze, than they  should rather prefer Bajaj fans, because it is the most reliable and efficient brand working in the Indian market for the past few years.

9. Ortem

OrtemThis is considered to be the most reliable and the trusted brand in India. Manufactured by the metro group of industries which is most commonly famous for manufacturing tires in India. Ortem fans are extremely high speed fans which consume low energy. Its design and style is always a eye catcher for all customers. This fan is not old in Indian market but really shown some positive impact so this brand will definitely last long. The design maintenance and its appearance will say it all how good this brand is.#

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10. Relaxo

RelaxoWhen it comes to celling fan relaxo is one of the leading and efficient brands here in India. One of the most important and the advantageous point of this brand is that it will fit into your budget and affordable, which is to be the delight of the customers. It is a ISI certified company which always insures that the quality of the fans is good. It is a very reputed brand that even shown positive result in overseas. Relaxo brand are always design some fancy and efficient fans that it will provide a stronger breeze even in low speed, so that it facilitates electricity.

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