Top Ten Best Shampoo Brands in India

Shampoo is considered to be the most essential and the regular thing for every human, in order to save hair from dust dirt and the dandruff shampoo is required. Shampoo also helps in making hair healthy, shining, and strong. There are so many brands of shampoo are available in Indian market. Best Shampoo is most probably anti dandruff shampoo which protected the hair fall and gives long long life and healthy hairs. Here is the list of a shampoo brands common in India.

1. L’Oreal

L’OrealL’Oreal is a French cosmetic company, manufactures a wide range of top Quality cosmetics, skin and hair products, anti aging creams and many other products. It is considered to be the most popular brand of shampoo here in India. Founded in 1909 and headquartered in Paris. L’Oreal offers so many varieties they are- Total repair, oil nourish, fall repair, color protect and nutria gloss. Rank number one in list of a top ten brands of shampoo in India.

2. Tresemme

TresemmeTressemme is a fine label under which so many hair cares nourishing product are there. Tresemme is launched in the year 1947, and taken over by a unilever in the year 2010. Tresemme provides complete solutions to all kinds of hair woes and thus it is supposed to be the best amongst all shampoo in the modern era. So many famous actress of Bollywood advertising for this brand. Tresemme comes second in the overall list of top ten brands of shampoo in India.

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3. Matrix

MatrixThis ranks number third in the list of a top ten brands of shampoo in India. This brand of shampoo has been established in the year 1980. Matrix provides a wide range of product for hair color, hair care, styling and texture solutions. This brand of shampoo is considered to be one of the famous shampoos in Indian market.

4. Dove

DoveDove is a brand product manufacture under unilever label, it is a multinational company established in the year 1929, and this company was formed by the merger of two companies, margarine unie and the lever brothers. Dove is the only product that produces various products such as, shampoo, body lotion, face wash, hair conditioner, deodorants, body wash and soaps. Under dove shampoo there are so many varieties available like dandruff care shampoo, daily shine shampoo and dryness care shampoo.

5. Schwarzkopf

SchwarzkopfSchwarzkopf, parented by Henkel, is a multinational company has a business in home care, beauty care, and adhesive technologies. It provides a complete range of products for hair care, hair styling, hair color and repair. This brand of shampoo comes in fourth position in the list of a top ten brands of shampoo in India. It strengthens the hair and provides long lasting finish.

6. Pantene

PantenePantene comes in the sixth position in the overall list of a top ten brands of shampoo here in India. It has a huge popularity now days in Indian market. Variants of Pantene shampoo are –hair fall control, daily moisture repair, total damage care, and anti-dandruff shampoo. Most probably for dandruff purpose Pantene shampoo is widely used.

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7. Sunsilk

SunsilkSunsilk is considered to be the one of the oldest brand of shampoo and it was established in the year 1964. Currently it is sold in 80 countries across the globe and it is also a uniliver brand. Variants of sun silk shampoo are perfect straight, hair fall solution, stunning black shine, and radiant shine.

8. Himalaya

HimalayaHimalaya Drug Company, it is supposed to be an Indian multinational company, produces premier quality hair and skin care products. This brand includes ayurvedic recipes and hence it is fully organic. It utilizes natural ingredients that nourish and revitalize hair, and makes them strong and shiny.

9. Clinic plus

Clinic plusClinic plus is a hair product brand that comes under Hindustan unilever limited, clinic plus shampoo are available as long and strong shampoo. It is an anti dand ruff shampoo which reduces the level of dandruff from the hair.

10. Garnier

GarnierGarnier is considered to be a cosmetic brand parented by L’Oreal it is a French company started in the year 1909. The fructis range of garnier shampoo essentially deals with the hair care. Rank number ten in the overall list

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