Top Ten Helmets Under 1000-2000 Rupees In India

By the scheme of things it looks as if that in the coming month helmets is going to be mandatory for all   two wheeler users. All over the India, if u haven’t bought helmet yet and looking for change than we listed you The top ten helmet brands which is most desirable and convenient for you, and they are coming under 1000 to 2000 rupees in India, and also made by the reputed manufactures.

Best Helmet Under 1000 to 2000 Can Be Listed As Under-

1. Studds Shifter RS 1879

Studds Shifter RS 1879If you have a 200cc bike than you should rather go with studs shifter, because using this helmet we can avoid many   accidents. It has two visors provide in it conventional outer visors and darkened inner unit it can be easily removable in case you want to replace it. it has a stylish sporty design, suitably design for young riders. studds always comes with a numerous feature   such as optical correct scratch resistant visor, and provide a ventilation system for an improved rider comfort.

2. Studds Ninja 3G-1640

Studds Ninja 3G-1640Studds ninja is a high quality flip up helmet. The greatest advantage of this helmet is, it is suitable for summer as well as for the winter season, helmet can be flip up during summer and flip down during winter. So that it offers wide range of productivity.

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3. Studd Moto Cross – 1480

Studd Moto Cross – 1480It is a very stylish helmet that can be worn for street and off road use .The most desirable features of this helmet is.  It has an extended chin area which means it can protect the rider from first face falls .The helmet comes with a removable top visor along with a glass clear visor. It has a very good quick release chinstrap.

4. Studd Rhyno -1400

Studd Rhyno -1400It has a outermost shell that designed for utmost safety, and is manufactured   using high quality impact resistant. This helmets protect us from the from the upcoming disaster. It has a silicon hard coat for protection and scratches.

5. Studd Ninja D4- RS 1280

Studd Ninja D4- RS 1280It is a very stylish and comprehensive helmet that one can be used for both flip up and flip down purpose, so that it always facilitates for the need of a rider. It is made up of very hard and stiff iron, which is very strong and durable and even after accident, it provide safety to the rider. So that this studd ninja D4 is turn out to be a safety protected helmet for the survival of the rider.

6. Reply Dreams -1232

Reply Dreams -1232It is a supposed to be full face helmet and open with a front section this means that it can be used for both full face and half face purpose. The inner and the outer portion of this helmet are designed in such a way so that it always facilitates riders comfort and its benefit. Reply dream manufactures various types of helmet which is most reliable and efficient and it always last long, it is a scratch free helmet.

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7. Vega Formula Hp Motocraft-RS 966

Vega Formula Hp Motocraft-RS 966The formula hp it is a street helmet from Vega.  It is also very sporty and stylish in design. Design with a superior safety without compromise in comfort features that includes vents for airflow, a scratch resistant visor and a silent chin strap lock.

8. Vega Cruisers 923

Vega Cruisers 923It has a open faced helmet design for street use only and built using quality shock absorption material that improve rider safety IT always maintaining a light weight profile and comes with a scratch resistant and UV protection as well.

9. Studd Crome Elite- RS 820

Studd Crome Elite- RS 820If you are looking for a quality full face helmet then studd chrome offers you the wide range of quality product. IT is made up of high –speed grade of engineering thermoplastic, it has attractive unpainted outer shell, which has a special texture also posses quick release chinstrap mechanism. studd chrome offers effectiveness reliability and persistence, thus quite suitable for young riders.

10. Replay Essex Wave – RS 806

Replay Essex Wave - RS 806It is stylish has a sizeable visor light in weight and made up of latest Italian technologies with no compromise in comfort.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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