Top Ten Most Famous Indian Women Chefs

There is an old saying which says: Women are good cooks, but men are great chefs. Today the women have proven it wrong and have proved that they are not just great cooks, but also brilliant chefs and they have gained so much popularity across the world. India has many female chefs, but there are few of them who needs are extremely famous Indian female Chefs. These famous female chefs are making their presence felt in every point of life, and they have also written few amazing books on cooking and have also been a part of various cooking shows, and not just part, they have hosted various cooking shows, which were a hit amongst the household. Here is a list of top ten famous female chefs of India.

10. Madhu Krishnan

Madhu KrishnanShe was an executive chef in Bangalore and is very hard working and enthusiastic. Her taste skills and choice of food is just remarkable. She was later offered the chief executive chef at Grand Maratha, which were her biggest move and she did maintain high standards in food.

9. Kamini Jha

Kamini JhaShe is the chief chef of The Oberoi and is famous for her Tandoori style of cooking. Being a passionate cook, Kamini always felt cooking as her favourite pass time. She endeavoured in cooking paneer tikka, naan, ajwain macchi and other tandoori dishes.

8. Madhumita Mohanta

Madhumita MohantaShe is an executive chef at Clardiges, Madhumita is one of the famous female chefs in India. Her speciality is Italian, far eastern cuisine and Indian food. She is a very passionate cook and she enjoys eating food, being Bengali as her favourite cuisine. She also wish to host a cookery show.

7. Anjum Anand

Anjum AnandShe is the first Indian food writers and she is famous for giving twists to Indian cuisines. She has written various books on cooking and she is a very famous female chef of the country. Her first book ‘Light Indian Cooking’ was published when she was just 25. She has been a chef in NYC, The Park in Delhi and A hotel in LA.

6. Manisha Bhasin

Manisha BhasinA trained Chef, who is also one of the most famous female chefs, is a chief chef at Marriot. Her speciality is Chinese and Japanese. She worked with The Taj Group and later moved to the Jaypee group, where she heads all the restaurants that come under this group.

5. Nita Nagaraj

Nita NagarajShe is another famous female chef, who is a passionate cook and specialises in the continental cuisine but she has got a hand in Regional cooking as well. She can handle any number of people at any given time. She loves to explore and wants to learn every time from anyone.

4. Neeta Mehta

Neeta MehtaShe is a famous female chef who is famous for cook books. She is renowned for her food critics and she also takes cooking classes in Delhi and has branches across the country. She has also been a judge to various cooking shows.

3. Veena Arora

Veena AroraShe is a passionate cook and a famous female chef, who has been cooking for more than nine years, without getting distracted at all. She is the executive chef at the Imperials, and her speciality is Chinese. She is not trained at all and she cooks by following her instincts.

2. Ritu Dalmia

Ritu DalmiaA famous female chef, who is known for her Italian cooking. Ritu has hosted TV shows as well and she owns a restaurant named Diva. Her speciality is obviously Italian. She hasn’t learned Italian anywhere, but she gained interest in the cuisine during her visit to Italy.

1. Tarla Dalal

Tarla DalalShe is the most famous Indian Female chef, who has written more than 100 books and hosted a few TV shows. She is famous for her ready to eat food products, which made cooking really easy in the daily household. Her first book ‘the pleasure of vegetarian cooking’ was launched in the year 1979 and since then she wrote over a hundred books, which were also translated in different languages.

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