Top Ten Most Famous Politicians in India

Being a democratic country, the role of politicians plays a major role. There are various famous politicians in our country since time immemorial. India has some amazing politicians who were dedicated to the country, few corrupt and few speechless. But never mind that, we have a bunch of politicians who are extremely famous and are doing a great job. What makes politician famous? Their work for the country, few controversies and corruption; and the media plays a great role in hyping these things. They make a politician popular by showing them again and again by picking up on them, on whatever they say and by following everything they do. Politicians and actors in India go hand in hand. Here is a list of top ten most famous politicians in India.

10. Lalu Prasad Yadav

Lalu Prasad YadavFrom mimicking the President to getting involved into corruption, Lalu Prasad the ex-chief minister of Bihar and an ex Railway Minister has done it all. He was also involved in the Fodder Scam for which he was imprisoned for five years. He is the president of his own Party RJD which is now in power with JDU.

9. Sushma Swaraj

Sushma SwarajSushma is one of the most famous Indian Politicians and she is currently the minister of Foreign Affairs. She was also the first chief minister, union cabinet, spokesperson, minister of external affairs, general secretary, and leader of the opposition party.

8. Jayalalitha

JayalalithaShe is a famous South Indian Politician, who has maintained her position as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu since 2011 and was the CM of the state for three times earlier. Known as Amma, she was once a famous Film Actress as well and has acted as a lead in 140 films. She is no doubt one of the most famous Indian politicians.

7. Nitish Kumar

Nitish KumarA famous indian Politician and Current CM from Bihar, Nitish also served as a member of parliament for the Janta Dal Party. He has done major constructive developments in his city and has gained a lot of popularity. He won the Bihar elections in the year 2005, which ended the then ruler of the state RJD, led by Lalu Prasad, who ruled the state for 15 years. He already completed 2 terms as CM of Bihar and with the help of Lalu and congress he is now became CM of the state for the third time.

6. Amit Shah

Amit ShahThe right hand of NarendraModi, Amit Shah is one of the most famous Indian Politicians. He won the LokSabha Elections for BJP from Uttar Pradesh and became very famous since then. And apart from that, he is accused of acting as the key player in the fake encounter of the underworld criminal Sohrabuddin Sheikh. He is currently the president of BJP.

5. Sonia Gandhi

Sonia GandhiShe is the Chairperson of UPA, and has been a member of congress for the longest time. She is a famous politician, who despite winning the elections did not take the throne. When she first stepped in the country, Sonia knew nothing about politics, but in UPA rule she was indirectly ruling the country.

4. Smriti Irani

Smriti IraniFrom a famous television actor to a famous politician, Smriti has earned it all. She is the Human Resource Development minister of the country, and is smart, talented, and Prime Minister NarendraModi calls her as her younger sister.

3. Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind KejriwalA former Civil servant,current CM of Delhi, ArvindKejriwal is one of the most famous Indian politicians, and is the leader of the AamAadmi Party. He works against corruption and believes in the statement, which says, “Change begins from small things.”

2. Rahul Gandhi

Rahul GandhiHe is one of the most famous Indian politicians and he is also a member of the parliament who represents Amethi. He is also the chairman of Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India. He is been working for congress from many years and has good experience.

1. Narendra Modi

Narendra ModiHe is the 15th Prime Minister of India, who is working towards developing the nation in a lot of ways. He has taken a lot of initiatives and he along with his team is doing there best to accomplish the set goals. Modi is undoubtedly the most famous Indian Politician.

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