Top Ten Most Powerful Indian Women

There was a time, when 49% of the women were uneducated and knew nothing about the outside world, except their houses and household work. But today, there are women who are ruling the country, with their power and thought process. They are not just limited to the kitchen, but are flying out with various colors and proving it to the world, that they are capable of doing anything and with great responsibility and dignity. There are various powerful women in India, who are recognized across the nation and the world for their capabilities. Here is a list of such women who are very powerful and are extraordinarily talented in their particular fields.  Mentioned below is the list of the Top ten most powerful women of India.

10. Radhika Piramal

Radhika PiramalShe is the Managing Director of VIP, and she aims at strengthening the company by her leadership qualities and no doubt she has been able to prove that. Her role model is Warren Buffet, and she tries to follows his footsteps from time and again. She is also the mind behind, the funky Skybags, Caprese handbags for women and Carlton. She is smart and is very talented and is of course one of the most powerful women in our country.

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9. Aruna Jayanthi

Aruna JayanthiShe is the CEO of Capegemini India since the year 2011, and she heads around 85000 people. She is one of the most powerful leaders in the IT sector and she is also the council member of NASSCOM and along with that she is also the chairperson of National Institute of Technology Calicut.

8. Shanti Ekambaram

Shanti EkambaramShe is the President of Consumer Banking of Kotak Mahindra. She is also making the bank go digital and connecting the two separate worlds. She is also involved in an NGO called as SOPAN, which works towards educating and as a rehabilitation center for the autistic kids.

7. Tanya Dubash

Tanya DubashShe is the Executive Director and Brand Officer of the Godrej Group and she is a mastermind and knows her skills really well. She looks after all the high tech products and hair colors. She is in a mission to create a brand, which a youth can identify and the company can gain revenues by that.

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6. Jyoti Deshpande

Jyoti DeshpandeShe is the Group CEO and Managing Director of Eros International, which is India’s most profitable and biggest filmmaking and distribution company. She also aims at going digital, where she can provide free content for the viewers to enjoy on their laptops or mobile phones.

5. Ispsita Dasgupta

Ispsita DasguptaShe is the Chief Commercial Officer of General Electric Company, South Asia. She is the one who responsible for the development and growth of the GE in the entire South Asia. She also leads the marketing of the company and has made the two new strategies for the business where she made gas and Oil renewable.

4. Arundhati Bhattacharya

Arundhati BhattacharyaShe is the chairman of the State Bank of India, which is India’s largest bank. She has introduced new initiatives in the digital banking area and even during the economic challenges; Arundhati has delivered some outstanding performances.

3. Deepika Arora

Deepika AroraShe is the regional Vice president of Wyndham Hotel Group, which is the biggest chain of hotels in the world. She worked in Hilton hotel group before joining Wnydham, which was not really famous at all that time. But due to her smartness and Business strategies, she has made this hotel group one of the India’s largest.

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2. Priya Nair

Priya NairShe is the Executive Director of Home Care, Hindustan Unilever and her sector generates 45 percent of the total company’s revenue. She has also formed a group in the company, which works towards strategizing and making the business more responsive to the society.

1. Nita Ambani

Nita AmbaniShe is the chairperson of the Reliance Foundation and Director of Reliance Industry, which is India’s biggest corporate giant. She has 13 schools across the country, which teaches more than 15000 students and she has also launched Health For All initiative for the underprivileged and the reliance foundation has touched over 4.5 million lives till date. Nita Ambani is undoubtedly the most powerful Indian Woman.

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