Top 5 best LG washing machine

Are you looking to buy a new washing machine from LG? If yes, you should go for the fully automatic washing machine featuring the front loading. When compared to the traditional models, the lg washing machine offers great convenience. Some of the models of LG washing machines are top selling in India. In fact, LG washing machines are the front loading washing machines that have dryers and are best in the class. They are all 6 motion direct drive machine, rendering better effect to clothes than what you get from hand washing. It is great to choose the best fully automatic washing machine among the top LG washing machines list.

LG F12A8CDP2: the first in the class 6 motion washing machine

LG F12A8CDP2, offering the foremost 6 motion washing machine, is the first in the entire washing machine industry. It is front loading machine and fully automatic. The washing capacity of the washing machine is 6/3Kg and has the diameter of 435mm. Featuring baby care, fuzzy logic and Quick 30 Program, the washing programs are varied like sportswear, cotton and also wool. Having a washer dryer, the touch panel is LED. Tub clean and rinse hold are the prominent features. It is priced at Rs. 44,888.



LG F1280WDP25 featuring the 6 motion direct drive

This is really the best model of washing machine from LG. It has the 6 motion direct drive technology which is solely based on LG. Again, it is front loading type and fully automatic. The washing capacity of this particular LG machine is 6.5kg and holds the diameter of 300mm. it features baby care, fuzzy logic, the Quick 30 Program and both pre wash and rinse hold. The price is Rs. 39,588.

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LG F1280WDP25

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The popular LG F1296QD24 LG Washing Machine

This is also a very popular washing machine from LG featuring 6 motion direct drive with front loading and fully automatic features. Featuring Quick 30 Program, Baby Care and Fuzzy Logic, the washing machine has 7 kg of washing capacity. The diameter is 300mm. The wash program is available for almost all kinds of fabrics including wool, cotton, duvet, eco and also sportswear. Some of the handful features include the pre wash, tub clean and inverter control. The washing machine price is Rs. 40,888.


LG F1296QD24

LG F14A8TDP25: giving better cleaning results

LG F14A8TDP25 is the popular option in 6 motions direct drive, offering much better cleaning results than hand wash. The capacity of this machine is 8kg which is too much. The wash programs are for sportswear, duvet, cotton and wool. The price is Rs. 45,888.



The all new LG F12B4WDL2

This is again a direct drive 6 motion washing machine from LG. The capacity here is 6.5kgs and the diameter is 300mm. The fully automatic machine has the front loading type feature. Here you enjoy greater cloth protection while washing. You get smooth cleaning results and all the dirt gets removed in the very first wash. Featuring baby care, Fuzzy Logic, Rinse Hold and Quick 30 Program, the washing machine lg is preferred by many. Despite all such features, the machine is priced at just Rs. 33,800.




Some other brands of washing machines

Among all the brands of washing machines, Panasonic washing machine and Bosch washing machine are popular options. But, in any case, LG is the best washing machine brand which is preferred due to 6 direct drive motion, the capacity and for superior pricing.

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An LG washing machine does not only clear out dirt but makes your clothes look brilliant and new. The LG mini washing machine is a great choice if you have few clothes to wash on a regular basis. There are only positive washing machine reviews for LG and you can check out the online stores to make your purchases.

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