World’s 10 Most Powerful Families

Money can buy anything and when we talk about powerful families then money is never a problem for them. The 10 most powerful families in the world which are famous, also has different set of rules, enjoying the power of wealth and fame around the globe.  These people are not only wealthy but they have the power of influence people around them. They are blessed with taking quick decisions and becoming significant in their financial status in the world. a person become powerful when they have resources, money, control minds, personality and attitude for powerful person.  The list will have people who have powerful entity in the world and might not be very wealthy.

10. The Oppenheimers

OppenheimersThe Oppenheimer family is one of the most powerful families with the significant stake in the world’s top companies and also they have control over the large share of all the minerals of the world. the family one of the powerful family that owned brands like De Beers and Anglo that still dominate the diamond, platinum and gold industries of the world. The family has sold the large amount of share in De Beers, and focusing in the providing opportunity to the local investors to make their native place successful.

9. The Ruperts

The RupertsRupert family is one of the most powerful families in the world and it has every right to be in the list of powerful families in the world. The Rupert family is known for its luxury tobacco brands like Dunhill, Monte Blanc and Cartier under Richemont banner. The family also has shares in wine business with the mighty Rothschilds. The family is into many businesses that also include an investment group known as Remgro. The family is also into the chain of private hospitals and known a powerful family.

8. The Rockefellers

The RockefellersRockefellers is one of the known and powerful companies around the world. No one can dare to ignore Rockefellers from the list of 10 most powerful families in the world. The family is known to rule the oil business throughout the 19th century. The monopoly of this family is broken by the antitrust law. The family still has powerful status in the form of JP Morgan Chase, a well-renowned financial institution. The family has great impact on the world economy and thus become powerful family in the world.

7.The Arnaults

The ArnaultsBernard Arnault need no introduction as he is regarded as the most powerful figures in France and owns LVMH. The man has two children Antoine and Delphine, and they also own 60 luxury brands including Fendi, Sephora, Bulgari and Dom Perigon. When it comes to richest family then this family ranks 13th in world’s richest people as per the Forbes. The family is powerful family in the world and they deserve to be in the list of 10 most powerful families in the world without any doubt.

6. The Koch Family

The Koch FamilyThe Koch family needs no introduction because they are not only most powerful entity but also is currently the second richest family of the United States with the net worth of $86 billion. You must know that Koch industries are the second largest family owned business. They are richest with annual sales of more than $100 billion. Money is not only reason for them to be successful but the family has reputation around the globe. When it comes to powerful family then no one can dare to ignore Koch family.

5. Carlos Slim Helu and Family

Carlos Slim Helu and FamilyCarlos Slim Helu and Family is one of the known and powerful families in the world. The family owns multinationals businesses like America Movil, Grupo Carso and GrupoFinencieroInbursa.  According to the forbs list Carlos Slim Helu secures the second spot in the World’s richest people of 2015 with the net worth of 77.2 billion. The company has great resources and become great name in their telecom business, seeing their business it is clear that Helu and his sons can control anyone.

4. The Gates

Bill and Melinda GatesBill and Melinda Gates need no introduction as they are famous personality in the world. They are one of the humble families and missing the glitz and glamour that are attributed to powerful families. They need not to speak about their contribution in the world economy as their actions speak louder than appearances. The list of 10 most powerful families in the world, should have Gates in the list because the family is also known for their charity work and the billion dollar company, speaks for itself.

3. The Bush

The BushThe Bush is one of the most powerful family and known family in the U.S. politics. The Bush family is also the influence this family that has great impact in the world. The family needs not to provide evidence for being the America’s most powerful family for nearly 60 years, with two presidents, two senators, and governors coming from this family. They have taken some of the most difficult decisions that have made historical changes in the world history. Even today the family is considered to be the most powerful one.

2.The Waltons

The WaltonsThe Waltons is one of the most famous families that owned business, like Wal-Mart. As we all know that Wal-Mart is largest business in the world with more than $400 billion annual revenues. When we talk about the family’s combined net worth then it is of $144 billion. The family is one of the richest families with resources that have the power to make anyone surrender. When we talk about the list of 10 most powerful families in the world then the Waltons should be on the list.

1. The Rothschilds

The RothschildsThe Rothschilds is one of the most powerful families from the centuries. The family is not only ruling the world but also has great impact on the world economy. When we talk about this family then you must know that Rothschild family is still known to control world’s major central banks. This group has major influence in the world where more than 40 countries getting.

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