World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Foods

Food can make anyone happy and it is also fulfill the desire of eating something exotic. When it comes to exotic food then you must understand that you have to spend some hefty amount to taste some exclusive food. Now a day’s exclusive food is served in every gathering. Party host welcome guest with some delicious food from various cuisinesand get a lot of appreciation. Here in this list we are providing you list of most expensive food in the world. Very few people can afford these food items because of the price tag attached to it.

1. Italian White Alba Truffle – $160,406

Italian White Alba Truffle

 Truffles are been expensive items, as far as food are concern. But when it comes to the Italian white Alba version then you have to a hefty amount of $160,406. This food is expensive because of one reason that it is difficult to cultivate. A huge white Alba truffle with weight 1.51 kilograms was once sold for over $160,000.  Hong Kong based retailer and his wife brought home the truffle.

2. Almas Caviar – $25,000

Almas CaviarThe Almas caviar needs no introduction because it is famous and rare food item from Iran. Caviars are expensive food item but the rarity makes it even more expensive. This food item is not available and finding it, is one of the difficult task you have ever come across. Caviar House &Prunier located in Picadilly in London is the only store that keeps this delicacy.

3. Yubari King Melons – $22,872

Yubari King Melons is one of the expensive melons and never get confused it with the ordinary cantaloupes that you can find in the supermarket.The orange-fleshed Yubari King melons are known and world famous because of it of its proportion and sweetness. You have to buy this food item from some auction where you have to pay $22,872.

4. Densuke Black Watermelon – $6,100

Densuke Black WatermelonHave you ever seen a black water melon? Here we are mentioning about a rare melon known as the Densuke black watermelon. This amazing fruit is only grown in the island of Hokkaido in Japan. Only a few dozen fruits can harvest and makes it a rare fruit. The fruit is perfect blend of hardness and crispness and also the sweetness. To get a fruit that weighed 17 pounds, you have to pay $6,100.

5. Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007 – $4,200

Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007Domenico Crolla is a famous Scottish chef who has a name in creating various tasty pizzas. He then created one of the expensive pizzas the Pizza Royale 007, but the James Bond films did not approved it. It is grand pizza that also has the 24-carat gold flakes. You can easily taste the gold as flakes are totally edible. To enjoy this royal pizza you have to spend $4,200.

6. Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana Curry – $3,200

Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana CurryBombay Brassiere’s SamundariKhazana Curry is one of the expensive dishes on the list. The curry dish is a creation of Bombay Brassiere where they have introduced various dishes to celebrate the grand success of Slumdog Millionaire. The dish is grand in itself and with gold-coated Scottish lobsters, four abalones, and four quail eggs filled. To enjoy this amazing dish you need to pay $3,200.

7. Craftsteak’s Wagyu Ribeye Steak – $2,800

Craftsteak’s Wagyu Ribeye SteakCraftsteak’s Wagyu Ribeye Steak is expensive and equally healthy food item due to the presence of high percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Its genetic predisposition makes it more valuable and it have an acceptable ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fats. To enjoy the full Wagyu ribeye in Craftsteak in New York, you have to pay a price of $2,800. It is one of the expensive food item in the world.

8. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata – $1,000

Have you ever ordered an expensive omelet? Here we are providing you the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata which is omelet and really expensive one. This tasty and delicious delicacy is available at Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York where you can order this delicious dish which is prepared with lobster claws and 10 ounces of Sevruga caviar into six eggs and to enjoy it you need to pay only $1,000.

9. Westin Hotel Bagel – $1,000

Westin Hotel BagelBagels can be an expensive food item only when it is not the regularbagel you have in your breakfast. , the Executive Chef of Westlin Hotel in New York, Frank Tujague, created a bagel with a small amount of white truffle cream cheese and goji berry-infused Riesling jelly that has golden leaves. To enjoy this ultimate and expensive bagel, you have to pay $1,000.

10. Mattake or Matsutake Mushrooms – $1,000

Mattake or Matsutake MushroomsMattake or Matsutake Mushrooms is one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world today. To get these mushrooms you have to pay $1,000. It is highly coveted mycorrhizal mushroom which is available in Japan, China, Korea, the United States, Canada, Finland and Sweden.Its less harvest makes it an expensive food item.

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