World’s Top 10 Richest Hockey Players 2016

Hockey without any doubt is one of the most exciting and famous sports in the world are one of the most famous sports all over the world. There are few players who have gained immense popularity and became richest hockey players. Here in this list we will provide you the 10 Richest Hockey Players. There are plenty of great hockey player around the globe and Selecting 10 is hard task. There are lots of young, energetic and stylish players gaining a lot praises from their fans. One could not miss the games of such players and if you are hockey lover then you must have their names.

10. Nicklas Backstrom, $40 million

Nicklas BackstromNicklas Backstrom deserves to be in the list as he is young Swede that has given some amazing game with his partner Ovechkin. He has definitely provided impressive offensive numbers to the opponents. He has become a complete player with Ovechkin alongside. He has become the most talented player in recent years. He is young and very energetic with lot of time to play and make it bigger. His journey as a hockey player is just started and there are many milestones he has to uncover.

 09. Steve Yzerman, $40 million

Steve YzermanSteve Yzerman is one of the greatest player and also the longtime Red Wings captain. He has played some amazing games and moved from playing to become GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He has won many cups including a Stanley Cup and three he won as a player, as well as the three combined Olympic gold medals he won as a player and team executive director. He is one of the most amazing and richest players of all time. He always has been a passionate player with unrelenting desire to win.

 08. Jaromir Jagr, $40 million

Jaromir JagrJaromir Jagr is known name when we talk about hockey player and he has seen various phases, in his career from mulleted young sidekick to Mario Lemieux to goal-scoring machine of the Dead Puck era to grizzled but still talented veteran. He has shown immense talent in every phase to become the unbeatable player of hockey. He is also first-ballot Hall of Famer when he retires and without any doubt his fans wants more from him. He is not only talented but also the richest hockey players in the world.

07. Vincent Lecavalier, $45 million

Vincent LecavalierVincent Lecavalier is one of the most talented hockey players who is also labeled as the “Michael Jordan of hockey.” Lecavalier deserved all the stardom and success and he has shown his talent in various games. He has gone through a lot of injurious and especially his back trouble. He has a successful hockey career and alongside he will be seen in a movie, appearing as Jean Beliveau in the 2005 Maurice Richard biopic The Rocket. It will definitely make him a richest player.

06. Mario Lemieux, $45 million

Mario LemieuxMario Lemieux is known player who has saved the Penguins twice in his career. In the year 1984 he started his shining career and later on he was successful in winning the two Stanley Cups in 1991 and 1992 respectively. The second time he saved Penguins as team owner, buying the Penguins in 1999. He brought Penguins to rescue them from bankruptcy. This great player is still owns the team as the chairman of the team. He is without any doubt one of the best players for any team.

05. Mark Messier, $55 million

Mark MessierMark Messier is one of the greatest player and also richest hockey player with $55 million worth. He is not only the best but also leader in NHL history with the six-time Stanley Cup winner and also one of the highest scoring hockey players of all time. He has done many roles from becoming a young Oiler, Rangers captain or as a spokesman for Lays in their “Betcha can’t eat just one” commercials. Messier without any doubt is inspiration for many young aspirants, both on and off the ice.

04. Nicklas Lidstrom, $60 million

Nicklas LidstromNicklas Lidstrom is one of the most amazing players with the top defenseman of all time. He is not only best hockey player but also richest player with $60 million worth. He is mainly known for its smooth playing techniques. He has done almost no mistake and when he is on the field that time most difficult plays look effortless. It shows the talent of this amazing player. The defense of Red Wings seems in trouble since his departure.

03. Jarome Iginla, $60 million

Jarome IginlaJarome Iginla is one of the most happening players and he had fan following around the globe. . He is not only the greatest hockey player but also richest player with $60 million worth. He is talented player with high scoring ability, firm yet clean physical play. He has definitely earned the reputation as a kind and generous person off the ice. He has won many hearts and not to forget the first Stanley Cup that made him a popular player.

02. Pavel Bure, $68 million

Pavel BurePavel Bure is not only a successful hockey player but also a richest player with $68 million worth. He has an extraordinary talent of firing the shots with precision. He has won many hearts and Vancouver Canucks’ given team awards to become the Pavel Bure Most Exciting Player Award.

01. Wayne Gretzky, $200 million

Wayne GretzkyWayne Gretzky is one of the most talented hockey player and also richest of all with $200 million worth. He has become greatest player with dozens of records, ambassador for the game. He is also the famous face for various endorsement deals that keep him rich for years to come.

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