Zopo Color C1 ZP331 Review

Zopo Color C1 ZP331Zopo Color C1 ZP331 is a brand new Android smartphone that was released on January 20, 2016 and now available in the large scale gadget shops, expected to hit nationwide markets pretty soon. Speaking of the price, appearance and performance – Zopo Color C1 ZP331 is worth the money. The intended customer base for the Zopo Color C1 ZP331 is the college students, young executives and anyone else looking for a first Android smartphone; or an alternative phone.


In comparison to the price, Zopo Color C1 ZP331 is quite reasonably configured.


CPU on the Zopo Color C1 ZP331 handset is 1.3 GHz quad core; it’s a Mediatek MT6580 chip. The RAM is 1 GB which might seem a little lower according to today’s standard, but consumers should remember that this handset doesn’t intend to be a flagship but a mid-range Android smartphone.

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8 GB internal memory comes as the only standard internal storage option; however unlike many latest Android devices the Zopo Color C1 ZP331 offers an external memory card slot which could accommodate up to 32 GB of microSD cards. High speed cards are recommended to get the best out of this phone, especially while shooting photos and videos.


The display is 4.5 inches; very useful to people who prefer one handed use. It offers 480×854 pixels resolution; resulting in 218 ppi across the display. While 218 is quite impractical and very low in today’s standards, yet usage like browsing the internet, playing games or watching your favorite TV series might not feel all bad when watching from a distance. However, if you are very sensitive regarding the clarity on a cellphone display, then Zopo Color C1 ZP331 might not be an option for you. For basic usage the display is just fine.


Rear camera on Zopo Color C1 ZP331 is a 5 megapixel shooter with auto focus and LED flashlight. It has a CMOS image sensor that draws a reasonable amount of power from the battery. No OIS is equipped; however software enhanced exposure compensation, HDR, ISO control etc. are available. 1080p video at 30 fps is possible; will be shaky due to the lack of an OIS system.

The front camera shoots in 2 megapixel resolution.

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Zopo Color C1 ZP331 handset has a 1700 mAh lithium-polymer battery. Under good network coverage, continuous display on time should be around 3 hours.


Zopo Color C1 ZP331 is available in the Indian market for Rs. 6,399.

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